Wettervorhersage und Echtzeit-Windkarte in Antigua

Wird es windig sein?

kitesurfing at green island

Prüfe hier unsere aktuellen lokalen Windgeschwindigkeits Prognosen und Wetterberichte – Echtzeit-Updates von WindGURU, Wind Finder und Windity.

Unsere geliebte Insel Antigua befindet sich im Zentrum der Antillen. Einem Archipel, das im Süden und Westen vom Karibischen Meer, im Nordwesten vom Golf von Mexiko und im Norden und Osten vom Atlantischen Ozean begrenzt wird.

Während der meisten Monate des Jahres wird die Insel von den Passatwinden “versorgt”.  Mit konstanten Wind von Dezember bis April und Juni bis August.

Das macht Antigua zu einem der gefragtesten Ziele für Kitesurfer.

Was sind die Passatwinde ?

Ein Passat ist ein mäßig starker und sehr beständiger Wind, der in den Tropen bis zu etwa 30° geographischer Breite rund um den Erdball auftritt.

Die Richtung, aus der ein Wind weht, verleiht ihm den Namen. Der Nordost-Passat weht also aus nordöstlicher Richtung.

Früher nutzten Seefahrer diese Tatsache: Sie richteten die Routen ihrer Segelschiffe nach der Windrichtung, um die Weltmeere zu überqueren, und ermöglichten eine koloniale Expansion in Amerika und Handelsrouten, die sich über den Atlantik hinweg etablierten.

Kitesurf School Antigua Green Island

Amazing location and super friendly staff – great experience !!!

Myself and some of my friends spent a few days kitesurfing with 40 knots at green island. The location is perfect! It’s flat and constantly windy and the water, beautiful and warm! Kiting here was amazing ! In the 3/4 days we were really able to progress. We just paid for the boat out to the island and kited on our own but the staff were always there to help with setting up and launching and to give pointers. I can’t wait to go back again! 100% recommend

Amazing kite school

40knots is an amazing kite school! Super professional with great teachers. The spot is perfect and the team takes really good care of you! Also I never saw any other school where the students learned to kite that fast! They go out with the students with boats so the students never loose time by walking back upwind on the beach and it’s super safe! Almost everybody was ready for the board after the 1st lessons, and that is really, really fast as everybody knows who tried it once...;) If you want to learn kite surfing there is no better place to go than there!

Excellent Kite Surfing school

Husband had completed basic kite surfing course in UK and was wanting to progress further in warmer waters. He booked two sessions 2 1/2 hours each with an instructor and progressed massively in these sessions. Excellent one on one instruction from boat in safe waters with good breeze. Friendly accommodating staff. Perfect environment in which to develop your skills. Highly recommended.

40Knots and the team

Nothing short of AWESOME! I stayed a couple of days in Antigua and went out with 40Knots for a few kite surf sessions! The team working there is very friendly and super helpful. The spot green island is a hidden away gem with flat water and a pretty cool little beach setup to chill and have your afternoon lunch at. Honestly If I was ever again in Antigua or even on another island near by, I'd head straight over there! Thanks guys for making this kite trip on Antigua on for the books. 10/10!!

First class operation

I am an experienced kite surfer so really just needed to rent the gear and have a boat ride to the island. I had my family with me and was able to bring them with me to the private beach which was great for everyone. Corrado helped me set up the gear and hung out on the beach while I get a few hours kiting in. Transportation was easy with their pick up and drop off via boat. Great communication with Max and the team while I was arranging everything. Highly recommend 40 Knots if you are learning or experienced and what to enjoy a great day kiting in Antiqua.

Epic Kiteschool

Love 40knots, super professional and fun people. I had instructors Jamal for my first 2 lessons and then Buju for my 3rd, both were fantastic and couldn't recommend them enough! I'll be back this weekend to start working on my transitions, thanks team!