19 January 2022

The launching/landing beach of Green Island is very short and the wind is side-shore.

This set-up allows independent kiters and wing foilers to safely launch and make it back to the beach as long as they are capable of riding upwind.

But we all know that there are situations when even the best rider might need help: the wind drops, the equipment fails… the kite lines are messy after a bad crash…

That’s one of the reasons why we need to guarantee boat assistance when we bring riders to the island. We’ll always have one instructor and rescue boat ready to assure your safety.

The second reason is that Green Island is a private island, and we have a licence to operate from the North beach as long as we provide a safe environment for all its utilizers. We are responsible for all riders and students we bring to the beach.

The last reason, but maybe the one you will appreciate the most while kiting with us, is that we want to keep the spot as an exclusive riding area, that will never be crowded (even on Christmas day) and where you’ll feel truly special.

Said all that, we still get questions like: “But what if I find a ride from a fisherman?”

You are free to use the beach of Green island but we don’t recommend you to be dropped off on the shore without having boat assistance while you ride. If you do end up having a problem, it will be a 2 miles swim…