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kitesurf spot at green island
green island

Please feel free to contact us for any additional query regarding the kite school, Antigua and the Caribbean.

With our “Beginner Camp” + “Get Going ” almost every student gets to do the first water starts and runs on the boards. Some students with previous experience (surfers, wake-boarders, snow boarders etc.) or who are particularly talented won’t need more tuition, others will need another 2 half days package and some will need just one.

After the 3rd lesson you and your instructor will decide if you still need additional lessons or simply require “assisted riding”. If you quickly become confident and safe at handling the kite and board, we offer the “Boat Ride service”. Providing half a day in the water with all the equipment you need and the assistance of a boat.

For more details and prices please click here.

There are a few substantial reasons why our prices are a little higher than the average.


The most important aspect of learning to kitesurf is safety. This is our number one priority. All of our lessons are given with the constant help of a motorised dinghy in a group of no more than 2 people per instructor (with the exception of the Beginner Camp that has a maximum ratio of 3 students per instructors). It means that the instructor is always close to you, ready to help, assist or show you the next exercise.

It is far more complicated, difficult and tiring if your teacher is shouting instructions to you (and to the other students) from the beach. Radio helmets aren’t the best solution either. They might help a little but, as every experienced instructor will confirm, they lack the most important aspect: your feedback.

No lesson can be completely effective if the instructor can’t interact constantly with the student. Your feedback allows us to tailor the lesson to your needs and learning speed.

There is another reason why the boat assistance is very helpful: the most tiring aspect in learning to kite ‘traditionally’ is that while learning you drift very fast downwind. After a couple

of tries you’ll have to walk back upwind along the beach to the point you started from with the kite in the air, wasting valuable time and energy.


In Nonsuch Bay you’ll have a 1.5 mile long playground to practice without having to worry about obstacles and drifting downwind because the boat will bring you back and the instructor will hold the kite for you (no long and dangerous walks upwind with the kite in the air and no waste of your time and energy).

We believe that this is the safest and fastest way to learn our beautiful sport and probably, due to the effective teaching method and stress-free experience, not more expensive than the average lessons. If you are going to learn somewhere else, please be safe!

Before booking your lessons you should check 4 basic things:

  1. The kite-school MUST provide you with a helmet and a life-vest.
  2. A school MUST have seat-harnesses available for their students. Learning with a waist-harness can, in some cases, be uncomfortable and compromise your lesson or even cause rib injuries.
  3. Every school MUST have at least one rescue boat always available and ready to attend in case of need.
  4. IKO certified instructors are usually well trained and experienced.

Green Island is a beautiful desert island you can only access by boat, so it never gets crowded. The reef protects the bay from ocean swell. Regardless of how big it gets or how windy it is, you’ll learn in flat and calm waters. The learning process is definitely safer, easier and faster.

The best age to start varies between 6 and 8 years old, depending on the child’s confidence in the water. We have children’s specific equipment, specially designed for their lighter weight and smaller size which will guarantee their safety and quick progression.
We recommend to enrol your kids in a 1 hour Test lesson, a safe and fun approach to the sport that will help evaluate if your kids are interested in kitesurfing.


17.072827° NORTH –  61.699053° WEST

  1. When leaving the airport passing the Stanford cricket ground on your left, turn left onto Sir George Walter highway signed to St.John’s.
  2. At the next traffic lights with a Rubis gas station on your right go straight on.
  3. At the next traffic lights with a Rubis/Mitsubishi garage on your left turn left onto Sir Sydney Walling highway.
  4. Continue straight over the next roundabout passing the Sir Vivian Richards cricket ground on your left.
  5. At the next roundabout, take the 1st exit on the left, signed to Devil’s Bridge onto Collins Road.
  6. Follow this road past Betty’s Hope Sugar Plantation and take the right hand turning signed to Freetown.
  7. At the next T-junction, near to a West Indies gas Station, turn left.
  8. Follow the road around to the right at the first corner and continue straight on with Willoughby Bay on your right past a church for about 5km.
  9. When you reach a turning to the left after the crest of a hill, with a NonsuchBay billboard. Turn left here.
  10. Once through this village (Freetown) take the left hand fork signed to NonsuchBay and HarmonyHall.
  11. At the next T-junction turn left up the steep hill. There is another NonsuchBay sign, from here follow the road straight on to the resort.
  1. Follow the road out of English Harbour as though going to St.Johns.
  2. On the left hand bend by Cobbs Cross primary school (green building) turn right towards Half Moon Bay and the St. James Club.
  3. At the next fork, by the Hideout Restaurant, turn left and follow the road around Willoughby Bay.
  4. At the next T junction before Bethesda Village turn right through the village.
  5. At the next T junction by the cement works turn right.
    Continue past the West Indies gas station and follow point 8 ‘from the airport’.

Green Island is probably the best anchorage and kite spot of Antigua’s east coast. The anchorage is just 10nm from English Harbour. We’ll come to pick you up directly at the stern of your boat and bring you back at the end of your kite surfing session.

The taxi fares from the Airport to Nonsuch Bay and from Falmouth Harbour to Nonsuch Bay are 35 USD per way.

The resort where our school is based has a nice beach with sun-beds and palm trees providing shade where your friends can relax and wait for you. There is also a beautiful restaurant and bar overlooking the bay and a sailing club that rents dingies and hobby-cats.

If we have enough space on our boats we’ll be happy to bring your relatives/friends to Green Island for the price of 15 US dollars. There is good snorkeling, shade, some trails to hike and/or they will be near by to watch you when you start to fly!

Please contact us for availability.

Follow the 40knots Trip Advisor page where many of our students have left reviews about their experience in our school.

We accept all credit cards (however not American Express), cash in US Dollars, Eastern Caribbean Dollars and Euros. Contact us for bank transfer instructions or Pay-pal payments.

Yes, we offer the “Boat ride service” to fully independent riders.

The ‘boat ride service’ is dedicated to more experienced kiters, able to ride upwind, body-drag to the board in deep waters and to complete a kite self-rescue. The service includes the boat drive to Green island and a guarantee of boat assistance in case of need.

For more details and prices please click here.

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Green Island Antigua Kite

Welcome to Green Island

Kitesurf School Antigua Green Island

Amazing kite school

40knots is an amazing kite school! Super professional with great teachers. The spot is perfect and the team takes really good care of you! Also I never saw any other school where the students learned to kite that fast! They go out with the students with boats so the students never loose time by walking back upwind on the beach and it’s super safe! Almost everybody was ready for the board after the 1st lessons, and that is really, really fast as everybody knows who tried it once...;) If you want to learn kite surfing there is no better place to go than there!

Excellent Kite Surfing school

Husband had completed basic kite surfing course in UK and was wanting to progress further in warmer waters. He booked two sessions 2 1/2 hours each with an instructor and progressed massively in these sessions. Excellent one on one instruction from boat in safe waters with good breeze. Friendly accommodating staff. Perfect environment in which to develop your skills. Highly recommended.

40Knots and the team

Nothing short of AWESOME! I stayed a couple of days in Antigua and went out with 40Knots for a few kite surf sessions! The team working there is very friendly and super helpful. The spot green island is a hidden away gem with flat water and a pretty cool little beach setup to chill and have your afternoon lunch at. Honestly If I was ever again in Antigua or even on another island near by, I'd head straight over there! Thanks guys for making this kite trip on Antigua on for the books. 10/10!!

First class operation

I am an experienced kite surfer so really just needed to rent the gear and have a boat ride to the island. I had my family with me and was able to bring them with me to the private beach which was great for everyone. Corrado helped me set up the gear and hung out on the beach while I get a few hours kiting in. Transportation was easy with their pick up and drop off via boat. Great communication with Max and the team while I was arranging everything. Highly recommend 40 Knots if you are learning or experienced and what to enjoy a great day kiting in Antiqua.