12 April 2018

There are a few substantial reasons why our prices are a little higher than the average.


The most important aspect of learning to kitesurf is safety. This is our number one priority. All of our lessons are given with the constant help of a motorised dinghy in a group of no more than 2 people per instructor (with the exception of the Beginner Camp that has a maximum ratio of 3 students per instructors). It means that the instructor is always close to you, ready to help, assist or show you the next exercise.

It is far more complicated, difficult and tiring if your teacher is shouting instructions to you (and to the other students) from the beach. Radio helmets aren’t the best solution either. They might help a little but, as every experienced instructor will confirm, they lack the most important aspect: your feedback.

No lesson can be completely effective if the instructor can’t interact constantly with the student. Your feedback allows us to tailor the lesson to your needs and learning speed.

There is another reason why the boat assistance is very helpful: the most tiring aspect in learning to kite ‘traditionally’ is that while learning you drift very fast downwind. After a couple

of tries you’ll have to walk back upwind along the beach to the point you started from with the kite in the air, wasting valuable time and energy.


In Nonsuch Bay you’ll have a 1.5 mile long playground to practice without having to worry about obstacles and drifting downwind because the boat will bring you back and the instructor will hold the kite for you (no long and dangerous walks upwind with the kite in the air and no waste of your time and energy).

We believe that this is the safest and fastest way to learn our beautiful sport and probably, due to the effective teaching method and stress-free experience, not more expensive than the average lessons. If you are going to learn somewhere else, please be safe!

Before booking your lessons you should check 4 basic things:

  1. The kite-school MUST provide you with a helmet and a life-vest.
  2. A school MUST have seat-harnesses available for their students. Learning with a waist-harness can, in some cases, be uncomfortable and compromise your lesson or even cause rib injuries.
  3. Every school MUST have at least one rescue boat always available and ready to attend in case of need.
  4. IKO certified instructors are usually well trained and experienced.

Green Island is a beautiful desert island you can only access by boat, so it never gets crowded. The reef protects the bay from ocean swell. Regardless of how big it gets or how windy it is, you’ll learn in flat and calm waters. The learning process is definitely safer, easier and faster.