Excursion to the kite and wing foil spot of Green Island

Boat ride service for independent riders in the Caribbean, Antigua

kitesurfing at green island
kiting in antigua at 40knots
kitesurf equipment rental in the caribbean at 40knots


independent riders only


half a day and full day options


daily at 8:30am and 1pm


being independent


subject to availability

Are you an independent rider and don’t need lessons?

We can offer you the Excursion service!

The price includes the boat trip to/from Green Island, assistance on the beach if required, and a rescue boat always ready to help you if necessary.

If you are a KITESURFER, to be eligible for the boat ride and assistance service you need to be able to:

  1. Launch and land your kite safely
  2. Be confident at riding upwind, in order to return to the launch beach
  3. Be confident in recovering your board in deep waters
  4. Perform a ‘self-rescue’ procedure.

If you are a WING FOILER, to be eligible for the boat ride and assistance you need to be able to safely make it back upwind, to the launching beach.

Are you wondering why you have to pay a fee just for a ride-along? Please read our FAQ for an in-depth answer.

We have very limited availability, advance booking is highly recommended.

Excursion prices

in USD, per person

Low season
Nov 17th-Dec 15th April
High season
Jan 8th-March 31st Nov 23rd-Nov 26th
Peak season
Dec 16th-Jan 7th
Half a day (from 8:30 to 11:30 or from 13:00 to 16:00)60.- USD90.- USD110.-USD
Full day (from 9:00 to 16:00)90.- USD120.- USD140.-USD

This is our spot surrounded by amazing nature

Kitesurf School Antigua Green Island


Max and company are EPIC. Max is a gifted instructor: super patient, and pays close attention to what one should do to progress faster. I've kited since 1998 and we basically taught ourselves then, so it was my first lesson in a sport since....snowboarding in the '90's? It felt weird to be the student, but Max et al were super professional and super thorough. Everything about the school and the instruction is extremely well thought out, right down to making sure that the student is properly hydrated. I came back to California and was up on a smaller board my first tack out. Thanks Max!!!!!

Awesome experience at 40kts

My wife and I took multiple wing foiling lessons together. Owner of school was super flexible, instruction was outstanding. We are not the best of athletes, and are beginners. Still, we had the basics of winging down, decent balance on the board and just a little taste of foiling. After a handful of starter lessons with a really great instructor. More than being an expert he had the patience and psyche to explain and teach in ways that worked for the two us. We intend to continue learning, they sparked us. And hopefully return later in the season!